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Half-German, half-English rock song

Hello, I’m looking for a song from a German rock/punk band. It may be about 10 years old, maybe less. The chorus is in English and has the phrase „[something] in the USA“ (repeated twice) or similar, while the rest of the song is in German. The song is dynamic, not a ballad. In the video the band is smashing their instruments. I thought it was Die Toten Hosen, but I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find it. But the band is definitely well-known. I have seen the video once, a long time ago, but it stuck in my head. Hope You can help me. Regards.

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Kategorie: Rock
Gefragt von: draze [Grau2]
Antworten #3 Tyan Blau148: 25. Februar 2019

Rammstein – Amerika maybe?

Antworten #3 draze Grau2: 25. Februar 2019

Unfortunately, nope. Not that easy.

Antworten #3 Pezn0815 Grau3: 24. Juni 2019

How about this one?

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